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dear diane,


i am 26, about 150 lbs, and looking for a couple things and hoping you could help me with it.

about 4 years ago, i have been having some trouble with my scalp and the excessive flaking going on - not sure the cause, and can't afford to see the doctor only to tell me to take some medicene that is going to cure it. instead, i've tried multiple products over and over again to stop this "flaking" ... but nothing works! i've even done tea tree stuff, it worked for a bit now i feel like the results aren't doing anything again. can you suggest something from your product line that may benefit me? i also suffer from mild-backne ... it's so embarassing to take my shirt off and have others see what is hiding on my back and shoulders, and even my upper arms! UGH!! please help guide me through your list of products i saw at jack henry today ... thanks again



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Tara Beck
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I am SOOO sorry I hadn't replied before now.  I just noticed this blog area on my website & didn't know I had one.  ha You might say I am NOT very computer literate - esp on websites.  I do have a new shampoo bar for medicinal purposes.  It has neem oil, tea tree & several other essential oils in it that helps dandraff & other scalp problems.  It won't be ready to use for 3 wks as it has to 'age'.  I jsut made it this week.  You need the acne bar: Zit Zapper for the back acne.  I just made an acne stick for spots & have a de-tox & face cream for acne also.  Tracy Gold who works at Jack Henry sells it for me.  Or I can mail you some or you can come to my house to pick it up.  652-3773  

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