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Two types of lotion are available.  The Anti-aging cream will fade age-spots, minimize wrinkles & is healing for rashes, eczema, bug-bites.  The essential oils & vitamins will enable your skin to repair itself.  2 oz $15.00  Skin Renew Acne Formula is for acne, blackheads & oily skin.  It has less moisturizing ingredients & more essential oils in it. 1 oz $15.00  Skin Renew Soaps are $6 for a 5 oz bar.  They contain shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, & various moisturizing properties. 

Here are some 'testimonials' about  Skin Renew:

Beckie Block Peterson wrote: "I got a bad chemical burn on my face this summer and I used the Skin Renew and it soothed it to where it did not hurt the next day. I also used it all last winter. My hands are in and out of bleach water and hand sanitizer so they are always dry and cracked. I used the Skin Renew lotion daily and they were very soft and nice all winter long. I threw out all of my other lotions and only use the Skin Renew now."

Cheryl Rosewicz Mason wrote: "I have used the Skin Renew on some sun spots on my face, after about a week they had faded completely. I also used it on Clint's neck that is sun damaged from years of construction and it faded his as well, but like all men, if I don't put it on for him he won't use it. I LOVE this lotion. It is the best moisturizer I have ever used." Karleeā€™s eczema has almost disappeared after only 2 weeks.  AMAZING!!!

Christi Beshears Edens wrote:  I suffered with severe acne for almost thirty years. Though I didn't use the acne formula, my face has cleared up completely over this last year's use of your product. In fact, several people have asked if I have started wearing make-up because my complexion is now so clear. My red cheeks and age spots are a thing of the past, as well."

Kim Nelson, Exeter,  Trevors poison ivy went away using the Zit Zapper soap. (Administrators note: This worked due to the essential oils in Zit Zapper but the Poison Ivy soap works better.)



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